How to Partition your Hard Disk without any software

Partition your Hard Disk without any software

Many user have a common problem that they partition their Hard Disk. So here is you total online solution in shamolsaya.

Many have One drive(C) . That is why they want to give partition. But they have to face a lot of problems while giving partition. After searching internet, I have succeeded. So I think to share it to all.

Let start..

1st Process:

At first I use the rules to give partition

Right button> click my computer > manage > disk management > right button> click C drive or click right button to the drive you want to break > shrink volume > enter the amount of space to shrink in MB (Write the size you want to create)

2nd Process:

The problem which I faced is after creating two drive the size of available shrink space in MB is showing only 2MB but in that drive I have 375MB empty space. It happens when it contains unmovable file.The solution are given below…

Start menu (search) > event viewer > windows logs > applications > defrag

Here check the defrag log where you can see the unmovable file location at log details. So go there and delete that file or move another. Now you can see that the space has increased…


3rd Process:

Now I faced another problem that is my unmovable file location is showing C:/ System Volume information/…. but that folder saves information in  system restore point. So you have to delete system restore point. You have to do the following to delete system restore point…

My computer > right button click > properties > system protection (left menu) > select C drive > config > turn off protection > delete


4th Process:

Here are the causes that blocked C drive shrink

  1. Page file (virtual memory)
  2. Windows system restore point files
  3. Hibernation file.

The Windows system restore point files can be eliminated by turning of restore point protection for the C drive. Right mouse click on my Computer –> properties then system protection.

The hibernation of this file can eliminated by turning off sleep mode hibernation in the Control Panel –> Power Options –> Advanced settings.

The page file can been eliminated by clicking right mouse on my Computer, then properties –> Advanced–>Performance–>Advanced then click on the change button.  Use unchecked allowing Windows to control the page file then select no page file.

Reboot your System and shrink the C Drive. Now go back to turn on paging, restore points for the C drive and hibernation.

Now reboot again.